I find myself moving between SSB and digital modes a bunch. Every switch requires a host of settings changes - transmit power, operating mode, mic gain, etc. After doing it by hand for over a year I finally decided to learn about the macro functions built into my KX3 and automate the process.

Desired Outcome

Here’s what I wanted to happen on each mode change.


  • Set mode to DATA A
  • Power to 20W
  • Bandwidth to 4khz
  • Mic gain to 4


  • Set mode to USB
  • Power to 100W
  • Bandwidth to 2.8khz
  • Mic gain to 25

I also wanted to trigger the change with one button. If I was in SSB mode, one push should put me into digital mode. A push of the same button should put me back into SSB mode.

The Solution

Automating the various mode changes was straightforward. I found all of the needed commands consulting the K3 & KX3 Programers Reference. Creating a toggle button was a tougher nut to crack. Luckily, I found this post which describes using self-modifying macros to achieve the toggle button effect I was looking for.

After experimentation I came up with these two macros -

1 SSB MD2;PC100;BW0280;MG025;MN110;SWT27;DELAY;SWH26;DELAY;MN255;
2 Digital MD6;DT0;PC020;BW0400;MG004;MN110;SWT19;DELAY;SWH26;DELAY;MN255;

Lets take a closer look at the second macro.

  • MD6 Sets the rig into DATA mode
  • DT0 Sets DATA A mode
  • PC020 Sets the rig output to 20W
  • BW0400 Changes the bandpass to 4kHz
  • MG004 Mic gain to 4
  • MN100 Selects the macro menu - This is the start of the self-modifying part of the macro
  • SWT19 Taps button ‘1’ on the KX3 which loads the macro in memory slot 1. This has the effect of chaining to our SSB macro (since it resides in macro memory slot 1)
  • DELAY Add a delay so we can see the name of the macro executing
  • SWH26 Push and hold the XIT button. This assigns our macro to the PF2 button
  • DELAY Another delay to see the macro name
  • MN255 Exit the menu

Setting up the macros on the KX3

  1. Fire up the KX3 Utility and select the ‘Command Tester / KX3 Macros’ tab.
  2. Press the ‘Edit Macros’ button.
  3. Copy the macros I listed above into the macro slots one and two. Be sure to enter the labels. The macros will not work as written unless they are in slots one and two. Macros
  4. Click on the “Write Macros 1-8 to KX3” button to save the macros to the KX3.
  5. Click on the save button and the macro window should disappear.
  6. Click on the button now labled ‘SSB’ and your rig should configure it self for SSB.

Long pressing the XIT button on the rig should now work as a toggle between SSB and digital modes.

In addition to the SSB/digi toggle, I have PF1 set to chain through different split modes.

5 SPLT+5 SWT25;SWT25;FT0;SB0;FT1;SB1;LK1;UPB7;RT0;XT0;BW$0280;MN110;SWT29;SWH18;MN255;
6 SPLT+10 SWT25;SWT25;FT0;SB0;FT1;SB1;LK1;UPB7;UPB7;RT0;XT0;BW$0280;MN110;SWT32;SWH18;MN255;
7 SPLT+15 SWT25;SWT25;FT0;SB0;FT1;SB1;LK1;UPB7;UPB7;UPB7;RT0;XT0;BW$0280;MN110;SWT33;SWH18;MN255;
8 NORM LK0;FR0;SB0;MN110;SWT21;SWH18;MN255;