I was licensed in January of 2015 as KC3EDR. July of that year I passed the amateur extra exam and received the vanity callsign NV3Y. Unlike most hams, I don’t have any local Elmers. I was lucky to stumble into the Reddit amateur radio subreddit soon after I became interested in radio. I learned a lot then, and continue to learn from the kind folks there.

You’ll likely find me working somewhere between the 40m and 10m bands. I enjoy weak signal digital modes like JT65 and Olivia, but also do some SSB. I’m doing my best to learn CW, but it has been a struggle so far. I’ve been told it will all click one day :)

I’m a very casual contester, mostly just testing the waters for a few hours during an event. My callsign seems to be very popular during the CQ WPX contests.

My QTH is Wind Gap, Pennsylvania which is located 75 miles (120km) west of New York City.

my shack

the rig

I currently run an Elecraft KX3 into a Elecraft KXPA100 amplifier. I also have the PX3 panadapter which I absolutely love. It’s hard for me to imagine having a shack without a panadapter ever again.

Everything is set up in the basement, which is a big step up from my first ‘shack’, aka the kitchen table. I tossed a random wire out the window and had to set up and take down the rig anytime I wanted to use the radio.

My shack

the antenna

I’m lucky to have several tall trees in the backyard between which I’ve strung a homemade 66 foot (20.1m) dipole, fed with window line. The antenna is up in the air about 55 feet (16.7m) at the center with the ends of the antenna pointing northwest to southeast. The antenna tuner on the KXPA100 can get a good match on all bands between 60m and 6m.

My Antenna

I’ve had to engineer high tech solutions to keep the window line away from my gutters.


Occasionally, although not as much as I’d like, I take the KX3 outdoors and operate portable. I use a homemade NorCal Doublet as an antenna. So far I’ve always been able to use a tree as a make shift mast, but I have a 31’ Jackite fiberglass pole I could use.

Portable Setup